1844 OC-P1
Original Proof

Die Pair P1 1840 A
Date Grid R QTR / 5-2.0/ VS up
Obverse Die States a
Estimated Rarity R6+
1, 4 Vertical H, H
Reverse Die States a

   This is the only use of Obverse P1 and the only use of Reverse 1840 PA in 1844. Reverse 1840 PA is the die used to strike almost all original proofs beginning in 1840 and ending in 1854.

Obverse P1

The next photo shows the Obverse P1 attribution grid. The easiest identifier for this die is the lack of the markers associated with Obverse 1 No die doubling and no misplaced digits. This obverse also displays notable repunching on the date. The 8 is repunched northeast, with the original digit visible on the outside lower left and the inside upper right of both loops. The 4 also displays minor repunching.

1844 Obverse P1 Attribution Grid

Obverse P1 Die States
  1. Perfect Die.
No later die states have been observed.

Reverse 1840 PA

The reverse die used for the 1844 proof issue is the same die used for almost all original proof strikes from 1840 through 1854. This die exhibits unique features on A3. The following photo shows these die markers, possibly created from die rust or just die crumbling due to imperfect die metal. These allow easy identification of the proof die, even on mishandled or lightly circulated examples.

Reverse 1840 PA Defects in A3

Reverse 1840 PA Die States
  1. Perfect Die.
No later die states have been observed.

Photo credits:

Obverse P1:   1844 PCGS PR64, ex. Gene Gardner.
Reverse 1840 PA:   PCGS PR58, from the Osburn-Cushing reference collection.

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